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Cherubs Tapestry Draught Excluder (90x22cm)

Cherubs Tapestry Draught Excluder (90x22cm)
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Model: DX107

Angelic protection

What better way to protect yourself from pesky little draughts than with the power of angels? This splendid draught excluder features an image of five beautiful young cherubs, who appear thoughtful and innocent. The picture helps to create a wonderful, dream-like quality for your home, perfect for reclining after a stressful day at the office.

A serene piece, the divine imagery evokes the feeling of calm that allows you to feel wholly relaxed, even after the hardest of days. The mellow tones of pink and green work harmoniously together and enable this excluder to be easily matched against natural coloured décor. 

Measuring 90cm x 22cm, this excluder has been finely crafted with a 100% Belgian cotton tapestry panel on the front, and a velvet reverse in the colour of gold. A light feather inner is included, so the draught excluder can easily be moved. 

The Cherub Draught Excluder is dry clean only.

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