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Eltham Vine Silk Cushion, Blue (50x33cm)

Eltham Vine Silk Cushion, Blue (50x33cm)
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Model: S134

Beautiful blue; soft and silky

A soft and beautiful cushion that shouts luxury without being too “in your face”, this piece of soft furnishing is the epitome of a lavish lifestyle. This blue cushion has been made using a Sanderson pure silk woven floral design. The pattern of the Eltham Vine is featured on both the front and the back, providing luxury whichever way you look at it.

The shimmering blue background of this cushion is lovely in itself, but when you add the gilded floral pattern into the mix it takes the style to another dimension.

This cushion offers the ideal complement to a room decorated in rich browns and bronzes. It looks lovely alone, but can be placed as part of a pair or even as a collection of three or more for a continuation of the theme throughout the room. A duck feather inner is included. Size: 50cm x 33cm.

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